No, this is not a website about the ‘Paul Walker Illuminati’ YouTube video. We don’t even think Paul Walker was killed by the Illuminati, it’s just stupid. What we defend is that HE IS ALIVE! “What? Paul Walker is alive? Is this some kind of joke?” No it isn’t, and we will explain you why. This website was made by a group of friends from Portugal, who study together. One afternoon, in the beginning of December (2013), we were drinking a coffee and talk, and JC came to us (FL, RG, VL) and said “I’ve been thinking day and night about this, and I believe that Paul Walker is alive”. Hahaha, are you thinking right now. Well, just the same as we thought that day. We also laughed at our friend, but then he explained is point of view, and now we are here, writing this website. So, we are the ones who need to do something to replace the truth in this world. Open your eyes and think with us, as we will explain every strange thing that we noticed since the Dead of Paul Walker flooded our Facebook Feed.

Point 1 - The Video of Paul Walker’s Dead

"What? Is something strange about that video? C’mon, it’s just a burning car that crashed against a tree.” Well, definitely is something strange, don’t you think? Then, think with us. The video starts with a guy driving a Blue Tunning car, recording an accident of another Tunning Car. We could say that this is such a coincidence, but let’s keep going. Why does not the guy goes out of the blue car and try to help them? He just announced both men as dead and don’t even check. It wasn’t possible for Paul Walker and Roger Rodas (his friend) to go out of the car before it turned into smoke and flames? Probably. Then, why in the hell that guy in the blue car just assumed they’re dead, like he knew who was in the car, and then start running with no reason?

Point 2 - The Last Moment and the Carrera GT Plate

You think you saw everything in this world? Nothing more random could happen to your life? Wrong! Watch this video and ask to yourself “Why would someone record this video from his phone?” Exactly. Each time you drive your car, you record a video from your phone? Of the back of your car? Definitely not. But why did this happen, in this exactly situation? The person who recorded this video knew that this will be the last moment of Paul Walker? You answer that. Let’s proceed: The Carrera GT Plate. You just saw that video. You clearly saw the plate “7CCY590”. Now watch this. What? 3URS937? Interesting. Very interesting indeed, don’t you think?

Point 3 - The Vin Diesel Scene

In this video, Vin Diesel appears in the scene of the crash. He’s with the police, talking to the fans and he thanks for their support. Nothing strange. But, why is this video with such a good quality, compared to most of the Paulk Walker related videos? Why didn’t Vin Diesel thanked from Twitter, like “everyone” did? The TV knew that Vin Diesel was stopping by? Why is he with the police, in the scene of the crash? It was night already. Why Vin Diesel and not another actor who also worked with Paul Walker? Why not someone of the family? If you think about this and watch the movie again, what you think? Yes, we agree. It really looks like a scene from a movie.

Point 4 - The Tyrese Gibson Scene

This point was the one who really claimed our attention in that afternoon. Actor Tyrese Gibson appears on the scene of the crash, crying. You can see the video here. Tyrese appears in Fast and Furious as a partner in crime of Paul Walker. We already said that it could appear anyone, as family or friends, actor of other movies or friends and family of Roger Rodas, who was driving the Carrera GT but no one really paid attention to him in this story. The midia only focused on the Fast and Furious actors. Back to the video: Everyone’s recording from their phones, but you can only find that video, in that specific angle. Again: WHY? And why is there people recording Tyrese with professional cameras and that type of professional recording stuff Hollywood style? Where are those professional video records? Only this video or really similar movies to this one, uploaded by some random “Breaking News Update” or “ViralTV News”. Recorded from that angle. Not a single upload from a person who was recording with his phone. Just another scene that really looks like a movie..

Point 5 - The “Just One More” Speech

Coincidence of the coincidences. On this Fast and Furious scene, when someone says “No more funerals”, Paul Walker answered with “Just one more”. “WOW! WHAT? It’s just coincidence, doesn’t mean anything.” Well, this movie was supposed to premiere on the Summer of 2014, but now the date has changed to 2015. They produced several scenes, but now the movie’s changing because they want to retire Brian O’Conner. Yeah, right, it may not mean anything, but this really gave strength to the idea of our Final Consideration, our own idea of what will happens next to the Fast and Furious 7 movie and Paul Walker.

Final Considerations - What we think it will happens next

Fast and Furious movies are, progressively, getting worse. Fact. What could the people in charge of the movie do to change the world of cinema and elevate the “Fast and Furious 7” movie to the top? They could fake the death of Paul Walker in real life, recorded that scene (and some Tunning cars like that blue one, arriving at the scene), recorded that Vin Diesel scene with the police (to use on the Fast and Furious 7 movie), they also recorded that scene with Tyrese Gibson (to use on the movie too), and they leaked that movie sample of “Just one more funeral” speech. This is the idea from the beginning to make Fast and Furious 7 one of the most amazing-talked-historical-etc movies. Ever. They changed the release date of the movie to 2015 and are now working with this plot and those records made around this lie, and making one of the biggest marketing actions that our eyes will be pleased to see. It’s just a shame that they failed to hide the truth and ruined the surprise of everyone’s paying at the local theaters to watch Paul Walker rising from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Authors Note

Today is the 5th of January, 2014. We can make updates on this post, but only in exceptional cases, like to correct a perceived error or add an image or another fact, who knows? The thing is: We didn’t made this website for fame or ultimate visionary status (but if you saw this speech somewhere else, is likely to be a copy, so.. feel free to share but always identify the source). With this website, we hope you changed your mind and, most of all, started questioning yourself about other things in life. Don’t be a fool, question everything!

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